The beauty Coin of the Metaverse WEB3

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About LPbeautycoin

LP Wellness and Aesthetics have launched in WEB 3 in the METAVERSE. The first coin is dedicated to being treated for all your wellness and beauty needs. We will have stores all over the world and you will gain first access to our NFT launch, and be the first to mint our NFT. Pay for your services with LP beauty coin. 

There will be a doctor in every major city around the world that takes LP beauty Coin whether you want Botox, Wellness drips, PDO threads, or wellness checkups, you will be able to use your LP beauty coin. Stop paying insurance premiums every month when all you have to do is Buy our coin to pay. Never expires, never runs out, and will increase in value. Every NFT holder will get membership discounts on all your services.

Why LPbeautycoin

Time Efficient 

Time is one of the key elements in our lives. Especially when it comes to financial transactions, lack of existing money transaction speed, companies or individual users are facing delays. This leads to a slowdown in activities. LPbeautycoin offers a solution to cover such bad processes.

Safe & Anonymous

Security is another very important point on which today’s world stands. By using LPbeautycoin you can make secure payments be done, which will create confidence to the community. Our priority is to maintain the trust of users.


Applications are the future and it needs higher efficiency and cost reduction. Our LPbeautycoin token is your solution for decentralized Payments. LPbeautycoin cannot be controlled by the government or any specific person.


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4% Marketing
2% Hodl Rewards
4% Liquidity
2% Buyback

Token Info

Contract Address

Coming soon

Token name


Total Supply

100 Million 


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  • Marketing push to spread awareness
  • Big call groups on Telegram, Twitter, Discord
  • InterFi Audit
  • Private Sale Presale on our NFT LAUNCH
  • Launch on PancakeSwap



  • Build a strong social media community
  • Influencer marketing Twitter Group, Discord Community
  • Listing on Kucoin, and Binance and Coinmarketcap
  • NFT Platform Launch
  • Creating our Network of Doctors allover the world



  • Launch NFT on Open sea and Raritytools
  • First LPBeauty Membership Party for Members
  • Chill in the METAVERSE



Our great community is helping us every day to prepare our rocket. We have the most loyal and also partially doxxed community on the Binance Smart Chain. this should be on the polygon chain

Locked Liquidity 

We locked our liqudity on our first day for 6 months. You can check it by yourself, be safe, be cool, be LPbeautycoin!


This is one of the most important points for an new launched token. We have hired persons who are experienced in this case.


Our team from London is transparent and open for your ideas, don´t hesitate to ask us everything about the token. We are one Family, the team, the token and YOU as an investor. Dev is very well known, so you can be assured that everything will be SAFE!

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